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Jack Stein: Inside the Box

Heard of Jack Stein? He’s Rick Stein’s son. Yes that Rick Stein. And he’s about to embark on his own epic food adventure, unlike any before.

Jack approached us with a crazy idea to take a shipping container, fill it with fish & chips, and take it around the world. So we said OK. But let’s do it with 10 of Britain’s most famous dishes, learn about the history of each one, and then travel to 10 different cities to meet a local chef and together with them, make a version of the dish that speaks to that city. Jack was keen and so the journey began. What could possibly go wrong?!


TV (10x30')


Jack Stein, Joshua Capelin, Matty Roberts

Produced & Directed

Joshua Capelin & Matty Roberts

Directors of Photography

Steve Ribeiro & Jake Kirby

Post Production

Mikey O’Rourke, Geoff McGarvey

Original Broadcasters

Foxtel & Discovery UK


Parade Media Group

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