In partnership


In 2019 we partnered with Delicious to bring their Delicious Produce Awards to life, through content. These are the stories that matter. And we are very proud to help tell them.

The large project involved a strategic review of existing raw footage and edits to make recommendations on how to reformat for social media, including a hero mid-form documentary film, and how best to capture their night of nights, The Harvey Norman Delicious Produce Awards. We’ve since provided more than 40 videos with custom made versions for social media, often with 24 hour turnarounds from event to release.




Josh Capelin

Associate Producer

Lottie Naughton-Rumbo


Binh Nguyen, Brendan Smith, Turei Cooze


Binh Nguyen, Mikey O'Rourke, Turei Cooze

Massive Thanks

Hayley Peacock-Gower