We recently worked with Edelman PR to deliver a touching series for Huggies to raise awareness (and money) for the Children’s Hospitals Foundation Australia. We spent a week with parents and kids as they told their heart breaking stories of the miracle of life. Truly humbling.

50,000 Likes and counting :)

Listen for yourself was a Bose funded campaign to tell the story of a group of Australian artists in different industries and in different cities. Their similarities? They were all custodians of cool and unique in their field as icons of individual expression. Listen for yourself explored how they use Bose equipment in their everyday. This is DJ Tigerlily doing her thang. Produced by Projucer for agency Edelman PR

We made an ad for TV. For Andy Allen. And his new website. As 2012 Masterchef winner, everyone was perplexed as to why he didn’t have a website yet..but don’t worry. We took care of it.

Our latest digital project. Creative, Production, Brand Partnerships and YouTube channel management. This is Andy Allen. He won Masterchef in 2012. He’s┬ástill cooking and hanging out heaps with his mate Ben Milbourne. This is the story of their first food adventure together. In MEXICO. Head to Andy’s channel and subscribe HERE.