Real, raw and outlandish,
The Eat Series is a new frontier in food ob-documentary.

The Eat Series.
Locally focussed, anywhere in the world, on all screens.

*JUST IN* We just launched which contains almost 40 short-form clips from the show including 20 recipes.

In our unique approach to making The Eat Series, it was important to the entire creative & production team that this program would stand out in the global market. Having not come from a traditional TV background, Projucer (as the makers) are not predisposed to the traditional style and techniques traditional shows embody. Rather, having come from a digital content playground, we have crafted a hybrid program that demonstrates a new frontier in the culinary & lifestyle genre. It’s aim? To be attractive to the modern viewer of our generation.Who is that modern viewer? Well we know they prioritise dual screen viewing in their chosen time of engagement – they’re watching TV with a phone or ipad in their hand. We know they have a limited attention span – they’re used to watching online content and accessing information 24/7.And we know they are always attracted to something ‘new’ and ‘a little bit different’. TV making is a cycle, and we acknowledge that we are a part of it as traditional TV formats are currently being challenged and re-invented all over the globe.

So we embarked on a deliberate style in Eat Australia, as our footprint within this cycle:

• It’s quick. There’s jump cuts everywhere; challenging the viewer to keep up.
• It’s immediate. There are no setup shots; the talent is followed into real situations.
• Mistakes are embraced; in fact, they’re shown.
• The crew is not invisible; the merry band of makers feature in scenes throughout.
• Camera pans and tilts weren’t allowed; They’re too predictable.
• Our hosts were heavily involved in the planning; it’s a real research trip for Andy & Ben, documented on camera and moulded into the story narrative.

But rest assured, this is still a food show. It’s just a bold, deliberately imperfect observational documentary made in the now. We set out to allow unique nextwave Australian talent to flourish, and we see the wonderment of Aussie food – in all its incarnations – as the driving force.



Other Credits/Awards include

Eat Australia, 15 part TV series, is SBS Food Network’s first ever local commission.
Andy & Ben Eat the World, Network 10, 5 part TV series.
Andy & Ben Do… Mexico, Web Series, Official selection for Melbourne Web Fest, 2015.