Meet Jack Stein. Yes, that Jack Stein.

Inside the Box.
Jack has a crazy idea, and it might just work.

Heard of Jack Stein? He’s Rick Stein’s son. Yep, that Rick Stein. As the current Sous Chef of the Rick Stein group, Jack’s been busy running his Dad’s empire
– headquartered in Padstow, England – for the past decade. And now, with the chops to go with the name, he’s embarking on a world-first cooking show of his own, with a very homegrown aim; can he sell British food to the rest of the world?

It could be argued Jack grew up in a kitchen. And with a Dad who travelled the world absorbing adventure and flavours, it’s no wonder both food and travel have become a massive part of Jack’s life. For him, bringing far flung flavours and inspiration back from afar and into his London kitchen is what typifies modern cuisine. So this got Jack thinking…instead of bringing international dishes to the British, what would happen if he took traditionally British dishes to people in other obscure global cities who have never tried them before?

In a fast paced nextgen lifestyle format, Jack and his team will share every step of their journey via an observational documentary style that brings the viewer inside the box and out into the wide world of culinary travel.

Inside the Box will air on Foxtel Australia Lifestyle Channels and UKTV Good Food in 2019.

Stay tuned.