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Northern Escapes

Now is the time to see your country. Tourism content that inspires and takes viewers on immersive experiences from the land, air and sea, as we showcase a collation of memories shared, lived, and to be made.

As the domestic and international travel bans hit Australians, Projucer reflected on its ability to make compelling travel content. We knew we wanted to work with a premium Tourism partner to provide a cost effective & valuable package of content to help promote its range of products during this time and beyond.

In subsequent discussions with the effervescent Rachel Crowley of Northern Escapes… Content gaps were identified for Operational and Inspirational content.

The footage shot was created to be versatile, to be published across multiple platforms in various formats, to ensure longevity and a consistent burst of fresh content for their brand channels, to encourage and entice audiences to slowly come out of their shell and fly again when the world permits. 

27 videos were produced, tailor made for social media & providing the Northern Escapes group with a video catalogue for the next crucial months ahead as all Australians are encouraged to get out there and see our country.

Created by

Projucer and Northern Escapes

Directed by

Joshua Capelin


Hayden Griffith


Mikey O’Rourke