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Water Heart Food

Travel with Palisa Anderson as she explores her early food memories of Thailand with a handful of Australia’s most respected and emerging Chefs to discuss and celebrate that which connects them across cultures and borders.

Respected cook, farmer, writer, entrepreneur, Mother & member of a family business to one of Australia’s beloved restaurant establishments, Chat Thai, Palisa Anderson is many things to many people. But ask her what connects her heart to it all, and she will simply reply “real, good food”. 

The Thai cultural tenet she grew up being influenced by time and time again was the principle of Nahm Jai. The literal translation of this expression is ‘water heart’, though the significance of this beautiful sentiment is a mindfulness of how to live- generosity, compassion, empathy and awareness rolled in one. All those values that propel one to go into hospitality and service.

So while travelling back to Thailand is beyond reach, Palisa became curious to meet those in her community who embody this meaning & whose unique approach to cooking could help keep alive that hunger for a familiar taste of home… 

From her farm in Byron Bay and its neighbouring salty enclaves, to the big smoke of Sydney and some of the city’s best Chefs, restaurants and out of town destinations, Palisa shares a very intimate exchange with some of her favourite food Industry icons and rising stars, exploring where their passion comes from and sharing food stories to discover we have more in common than we think.

Created by

Projucer and Palisa Anderson

Directed by

Joshua Capelin

Executive Producer

Joshua Capelin, Matty Roberts and Palisa Anderson

Produced by

Erin Harvey

Shot by

Brendan Smith and Matt Deavin

Edited by

Mickey O’Rourke

Commercial Partnership

Tara Davies

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