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The Sweet Life

What is it about the concept of ‘sweet’ that has us so captivated? Why have desserts of all shapes and kinds led generations of us across the globe to guiltless indulgence? This show celebrates the answers.

In this 2 hour special produced especially for SBS Food, self-made YouTube baking superstar Elise Strachan shows us that desserts have no divide – they are globally loved, culturally unique and just outright yummy!

Elise Strachan has her hands full. She’s a world famous YouTuber, cookbook writer and married mother of two. Her meteoric career as a social media star has taken her around the globe to witness first hand the trends in sweets and desserts we have come to love, and she’s built a loyal fanbase of millions who watch her create and re-imagine desserts with her own approachable yet vivacious style on YouTube.

Elise is curious to give viewers a first hand experience of the joy and pure ecstasy that can come from recreating desserts that are famous in their own regions across the globe, but are also gaining traction right here in Australia because of the people who are sharing their culture with curious customers, and living a truly ‘Sweet Life’!!

Executive Producer

Matty Roberts


Elise Stahan

Partnerships Director

Tara Davies


Erin Harvey


Tim Oxford


Mikey O'Rourke

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