Work in Progress

Young Henrys

Shhhh...the legends at Young Henrys - quickly becoming one of Australia's most sought after independent beers - asked us to help them document something they are working on inside the walls of their Sydney brewery. Stay tuned for more!

We’ve been trying to earn respect from Young Henrys for a while. The thing is, we like their beer and we like their vibe. So when we became privy to an internal ‘top secret’ project they are working on over the next 6-12 months, we threw our hat in the ring to document it, and see what becomes of our collective collaboration. Film? Content series? snackable episodic content? Who knows at this point. It might not save the world (or will it?), but it’s the kinda stuff we believe in so we’re heading in there to roll cameras (and drink their beer).

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Partnerships Marketing Manager - YH

Greg Hall