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Desert Vet

This is Western Australia. And in this harsh environment, life thrives. Join Rick Fenny and members of his family as they encounter the largest and wildest range of animals ever seen in Australia. A doco series set to re-define Australian vet shows.

This is a show we are very proud of. Originally brought to us by our partner, Tim Small, we have toiled and travelled the red Earth of Western Australia to bring you the stories of the Desert Vet – aka Rick Fenny and those of his family and vet clinics located in some of the most remote & harshest locations on Earth. From wild animal encounters with the big and small, the gentle and the deadly, you’ll see Sharks & Whale Sharks, Stingrays & Stonefish, Dogs & Cats, and everything inbetween including Chickens, Emus, Snakes, Kangaroos, Dingoes, Camels and even the Thorny Devil. Desert Vet brings you face to face with the people and animals of the West and the challenges they face each and every day.


TV (4x60')

Created by

Tim Small, Matty Roberts, Josh Capelin, Rick Fenny

Executive Producers

Matty Roberts and Josh Capelin

Directed By

Matty Roberts & Tim Small


Tim Small

Supervising Post Producer

Tim Small

Series Editor & Post Producer

Pete Christie

Post Production

The Post Lounge

Sound Recordist

Nick Rowan

Audio Post

Geoff McGarvey

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