Shoot once cut twice

First Creek

We approached First Creek Wines to be involved in our Eat Australia show with Masterchef Andy Allen and SBS. When they said yes, they also wondered if we could make them 6 months worth of social video content for their channels from just a one day shoot. What did we say?

We delivered 15 videos ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, including a hero brand film, winemaker interviews & funny staff moments, all shot at the stunning First Creek Winery on a blistering hot day that had our phones reading 43 degrees. Luckily, wineries have cellars huh. But seriously, this was a shoot we love to crow about. The first day saw us shooting our content for Eat Australia featuring Andy Allen exploring and learning about how First Creek approach winemaking, and finishing with Andy cooking a delicious 10 minute pasta for the staff. The second day was all about First Creek. We started at dawn and finished at dusk and by the time our cars hit the highway, we had 15 videos to edit which will provide enough content for First Creek to inform and entertain their customers for 6 months. If ever you get the chance we can’t recommend dropping by enough. Tell em Projucer sent you!




Josh Capelin


Hayden Griffith & Tim Oxford

Associate Producer

Danielle Said


Mikey O'Rourke & Jess Nicole

Massive Thanks

Jill Watson & the entire First Creek team